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Ausar Auset Society Kentucky & Ohio (AAS-KYOH)

Meeting the need to reach out to AAS-KYOH Members & Students located in 6 cities across Kentucky and Ohio, which was then compounded by the social distance protocols which shut down brick and mortar meeting spaces utilized prior to the 2020-2022 COVID Pandemic. This was indeed a challenge for Shekhem As Sih Aqaqa Ba to keep students and members focused and unified.

WinTech provided solutions that met the need for continued and successful communication with clients through Constant Contact's Web centered social media email marketing.  We aided him as he became interested in the modern approach where the business of running a spiritual organization can have a home for potential clients through the website now integrated with their Social Media portals.

WinTech LLC listened and created the following solutions

Replace their brick & mortar location with an on line internet mall capable of:

- WebMail Advertising & Marketing with integrated Zoom Webinar Classes
- Followup with publication to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
- Include an eCommerce Online Store for direct sales of Books, CD's etc,.
- Sharing information about staff, services, and classes with the AAS-KYOH community
- Online Event Notification and Payment facilities
- Automatic gathering of customer information for future contact & communication

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