Mara Bridge Consulting Services
                    (MBC Services)

Another success story working with Mara Bridge Consulting Services

As a new startup consulting firm, MBC Services needed to rapdly get the word out that his company is open for business just ahead of a
Podcast announcement. We deployed the site within 3 days
and integrated Calendly with their PayPal account for online
free and pre-paid appointment scheduling of the companies
consultation services.


Advertise and make available their consultation services via Zoom; 
Higher Education  Information Blog, and Pre-Pay  at location augmented with an online internet mall capable of:

- WebMail Advertising & Marketing Zoom Webinar Classes
- Webmail publication sent to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 
- Include an eCommerce Online Store for direct sales of their services
- Phone SMS Text notification Event Notification and Payment facilities
-  Automatic gathering of customer information for future contact.